If you have never failed, you haven’t tried hard enough.

Over the past four years, I have met up with hundreds of entrepreneurs, conducted thousands of investors’ meetings and raised €50M for about 20 companies. My track record is public. I had the chance to work with great people and the day when Pascal Mercier offered me the chance to join his team was the first turning point of my – yet long to come – career. It was in January 2011. Thank you Pascal.

As I am on the edge of joining a new venture, I thought a little bit of context and history would be a good way to show you where I am actually heading to.​

My school years (besides the fact that I was a bored lazy dunce) were punctuated with low scale entrepreneurship and a lot of failure. At 12, I was suspended for a week after having published and sold two issues of a satirical newspaper in the school cafeteria. At 13, I developed a command & conquer like board game, which I almost presented to the International Board Games Design Contest at Boulogne-Billancourt if my computer hadn’t crashed a few days short of the deadline. At 17, my father asked me to develop his restaurant’s website. I ended up doing it, as well as a few dozen others. I remember buying “restaurant paris” at the time for 5 cents a clic! True story:

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