Ader Finance is a capital raising and M&A advisor based in Paris

We have successfully completed 120+ transactions in various industries including software, hardware, DNVBs, martech, foodtech, impact, spanning over a wide range of business models (SaaS, marketplaces, consulting, etc.).

We love startups and tech companies. Our sweet spot for fundraising is between €3m and €30m, and we have completed M&A transactions for several dozen million euros.

Deal List

100+ successful fundraising
and M&A transactions to date

Industry Expertise

Software, online & mobile marketing, media, e-commerce, IT and telecom


Access to 100+ VCs, Private Equity Funds, and Corporate Players

Proven Processes

Preparation, identification of targets, roadshow, follow-up, LOIs, closing

Client Satisfaction

Call clients from our deal list to get their direct opinion on Ader Finance

Interest Alignment

Great deals, virtuous deals

49 Avenue d'Iena,
75016 Paris