Our team

Pascal Mercier

Managing Partner

Pascal started his career in New York City as an exporter of tech parts, electronic components and aircraft parts, before switching to fundraising and M&A in the late nineties. He has more than twenty years of experience in the industry and has directly managed more than 100 successful deals in technology, media and impact investing.

Pascal is a graduate of the IMIP-MBA Institute, he was a member of the financing commission of CroissancePlus, and was a visiting professor at HEC Entrepreneurs.

Romain Cottard

Vice President

Romain started his career in the US-based IT Business Unit of Schneider Electric, where he worked on M&A opportunities and corporate alliances. He then joined Global Equities Corporate Finance in 2012 and Ader Finance in 2014 where he led 30+ fundraising rounds and M&A deals for tech companies.

Romain is also an active business angel with a dozen investments, including Zenly (acquired by Snap Inc), Payfit, Side, Georges, Ouihelp, Wavy, etc. Romain is a graduate of EMLYON Business School.

Martin Beaupère


Martin joined Ader Finance in 2017 as an analyst. Prior to that, he interned within the Investment team at Credit Agricole CIB where he focused on Mid Cap companies. He has others professional experiences both in Paris, Hong Kong and London. With Ader Finance, he worked on a dozen fundraising and M&A deals.

Martin also co-founded a B2C start-up based in Paris. He holds a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering from ESSCA and was a team member of the W Project where he met several French entrepreneurs worldwide.

Pierre Chuzeville


Pierre joined Ader Finance as an analyst. Previously, he worked as a Strategy analyst at Frichti, where he built and analyzed KPIs dashboards for B2B Sales and Ops teams.

Graduated from EMLYON Business School, he also completed a Master’s degree in Venture Capital and Private Equity at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, in Austria.

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75008 Paris